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Our courses are designed to meet the needs of anyone who is working or volunteering in a Pre-school, Day Nursery, School, Play centre or Health and Social Care setting; eg Residential home or Care home, for children, young people or adults. 
These courses are also valuable to those who wish to begin a career in one of these areas. 
Many of the courses available from DaC Childcare Training provide specialist knowledge, and count towards Continuous Professional Development. 
CACHE describes its courses as 'a ladder of success for those who 'Care and Educate.' 
Here at DaC Childcare Training we believe that these courses should be available to everyone who is capable of reaching the required standard; to this end we ensure that all learners are offered equal opportunity to succeed, according to their individual needs and existing skills. 
Whether you are still at school, beginning your first job or a qualified professional, you will find a qualification that meets your ambition, develops your skills and expertise and guides you towards the goal you have set for yourself. 

Key features of our courses 

Accredited - all courses offered by DaC Childcare Training are fully accredited - this means your qualification is part of a national, government framework, and will be recognised by employers across the whole of the United Kingdom, and in many other countries also. 
Some of the courses offered are directly equivalent to GCSE, A Level or HE study; more details will be provided during the interview process. 
Accessible - you will choose how, when (and where) you study; although each course suggests a time within which it may be completed, you might wish to spend less time - or have a break during the study period. 
Fit for purpose - the courses are designed to meet your needs as a learner, and also the needs of your employer. 
Flexible - many courses contain core units and optional units - in most cases you will be able to select the optional units that best fit your circumstances, interests, job role and skills. 
Some courses require workplace learning, while others are wholly theory-based. 
Achievable - DaC Childcare Training wants to see you succeed, and help you develop. Sometimes changes in events mean that a learner will not be able to achieve an entire qualification; in these situations we will ensure that you are credited with individual units and, in some cases, a smaller whole qualification: eg an Award in place of a Certificate. 
Supported distance learning - DaC Childcare Training offers many of its courses as supported distance learning - this means you will be able to achieve your qualification without the need to attend classes. 
However, you will receive abundant support from your designated tutors; where necessary, you will also be visited by the tutor in your workplace or placement setting. 

Choosing the right course 

All accredited qualifications have a level. This is a guide to the overall difficulty of the units within the course. It also indicates what you will have to know, understand or be able to do to achieve the qualification. 
At DaC Childcare Training we take all steps possible to ensure that our learners are registered onto a programme of learning that best suits their capability and interest, and which will provide them with a suitable qualification to undertake their role in caring for children, young people or adults within a wide range of settings. 
Apart from restriction on age of learners (which is set by CACHE or BTEC) DaC Childcare Training does not demand any specific entry requirements. 
We take into account your previous experience within the childcare, play or social care sector, or as a parent or carer. 
Within each of the course introductions you will find some information on what is expected of learners who choose to study at that level. This might include the need for previous experience, or the ability to present work to a particular standard. 
DaC Childcare Training will work with each learner to ensure, as far as possible, that they are able to select a course which is appropriate for them. 
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