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DaC Childcare Training is a division of DaC & Partners Ltd. 
All Childcare, Playwork and Health and Social Care courses are accredited by BTEC and CACHE. Courses can be delivered in a classroom, or as distance learning options, so you do not need to take time away from your workplace. This benefits the children in your care, and it also means that your manager does not need to employ another part-time member of staff, to cover your absence. 
DaC is also able to provide courses in Health and Safety, Fire Awareness and Vetting Skills, for nurseries and pre-schools, childminders and other staff within childcare, playwork and health and social care settings. 

Margaret Cronin 

Margaret has extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications in childcare and education. She started her working life as a police constable and dealt with often difficult situations involving children and families. These children were frequently in need of proper care - including opportunities to play and develop their skills - to enable them to thrive. 
Dealing with difficult incidents involving children and families provided Margaret with a wealth of experience - and started her interest in childcare and education. 
Margaret left the police to raise a family and undertook the voluntary role of Area Organiser with the Pre-school Playgroups Association (PPA); following this she studied for a teaching degree and was employed as a primary teacher, in both English and Welsh schools. 
Continuing with her studies Margaret gained a Masters degree in Early Years Education; she changed employment and taught on a number of childcare, playwork and health and social care courses, in a Further Education college. This involved classroom delivery and also supporting students in a variety of childcare settings, ranging from family homes and playgroups to large nursery chains. 
As a Registered Nursery Inspector Margaret has undertaken inspections within the childcare sector; including Day Nurseries, Pre-schools and Independent schools. 
Margaret is an External Verifier with with a large Awarding Organisation, and regularly undertakes sampling of assessment decisions and quality processes, at schools and colleges across England and Wales. 
She is also a qualified NVQ assessor, and has achieved the Level 4 'Leading the Internal Quality Assurance certificate'. 
With the introduction of the Early Yeas Educator programmes Margaret is taking the opportunity to 'go-back-to-basics.' Over the next few months she will be assuming the role of a student, and will be honing her skills and knowledge; this will include reviewing the EYFS, and undertaking practical experience, in a range of early years settings.  

Tutors and Assessors 

DaC Childcare Training is very pleased to have on board a number of well-qualified and experienced tutors, assessors and quality assurers. This includes teachers with a range of specialisms, including Child Development, Child Protection, Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Science and Early Years Curriculum.  
Some tutors also have experience of running Pre-school, working as a Childminder, and Health and Social Care professionals; the quality assurers have undertaken activity for a range of large awarding organisations.  
When you enrol onto a course at DaC Childcare Training you will be assigned a personal tutor; he or she will be available to support you throughout your studies. This person is likely to visit you in your workplace, if practical assessment is necessary, and will also be involved in assessing written evidence which you submit. 


There are no set 'start times' for study at DaC Childcare Training; you may enrol on a course at a time which best suits your circumstances. 
You may contact DaC Childcare Training every day (including weekends) between 8am and 7pm by telephone. Outside office hours a mobile number is available for this purpose. 
Work is assessed and, following verification within DaC, feedback is provided within 2 weeks. 
Claims for certification will be made as soon as every unit is achieved; if you are completing a course that allows you to go on to University, you could have your certificate many weeks earlier than if you study full-time or part-time at a college. This means you would be in a position to accept the offer made to you sooner than most other applicants.  


DaC Childcare Training is subject to regular auditing by CACHE and BTEC; this is to ensure that all our processes are in place and effective, and that every learner receives the qualification and grade to which they are entitled. 
DaC has also been successful in achieving the quality standard  
ISO 9001:2015. 

Policies and Procedures 

DaC & Partners publishes a range of policies, in line with regulatory and Awarding Organisation requirements; these include Equal Opportunities, Complaints Procedure, Protection of Vulnerable Adults, and are made available to all learners who enrol on a course at DaC Childcare Training. 
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